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ETS WASSEF CHEIBANE, a leader in the alcohol distribution business, is a privately-held company that traces its roots back to 1997 covering 250 POS in Metn.
In 1999, ETS. WASSEF CHEIBANE expanded its activities into Kesserwan and, as a small wholesaler, started selling Diageo brands.
2007 was a turning point marked by the partnership sealed with Diageo. ETS. WASSEF CHEIBANE became therefore the top distributor of the global leader in beverage alcohol, in Mount Lebanon and Beirut.
In 2010, ETS WASSEF CHEIBANE was recognized by its suppliers as well as by its customers for competitive distribution capabilities: The company established a new structure, increased its resources and developed strategic operations plans.
In 2011, the company gained 25% market share and was covering 2000 POS throughout Beirut and its suburbs, Shouf, Metn North and South, Kesserwan and Jbeil. By providing an unsurpassed value in the service offered, ETS. WASSEF CHEIBANE also received the “Ease of Shop Project” award.
In 2012, ETS. WASSEF CHEIBANE aggressive market penetration encouraged Group Heineken (almaza, laziza, Heineken…) to join its suppliers’ portfolio.
In 2014, the company expanded its operations into the Bekaa region gaining a strong foothold in the Lebanese market.
ETS WASSEF CHEIBANE continued success and eminent growth built up over the years, hinges on its extensive supply network, its sourcing expertise and strategic supplier partnerships.


At ETS WASSEF CHEIBANE, we are committed to adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards to be the most trusted and most efficient alcohol distributor in the Lebanese market:
  • We invest in our people, recognize potential and develop expertise while offering a healthy and motivating working environment
  • We view our customers and suppliers as partners in business and are keen to meet and exceed their needs and expectations
  • We strive to deliver superior value-added services meeting our clients’ demands in less than 24 hours as they are the key generators of our sustainable growth
  • We ensure excellence and quality securing therefore a continuous improvement in the organization
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Integrity



ETS WASSEF CHEIBANE is proud and privileged to be publicly recognized for securing a leadership position in the alcohol distribution business and gaining market credibility.
In 2009, the company was awarded by Diageo the “Business Development” prize for achieving a 95% increase in sales and for building a distribution network with a strong footprint in the traditional market from 2007 to 2009.
ETS. WASSEF CHEIBANE ranked 1st in the MENA region and 3rd worldwide on the list of the “Ease of Shop Project” top-selling results. The company has succeeded in implementing the Ease of Shop compelling solution and has generated an outstanding growth. it has upgraded the traditional shopper alcohol offering from standard to premium, enhanced its brand portfolio visibility and applied a clear category segmentation on shelf.

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